Can you Get a New VIN Number  for a Vehicle?

  • February 17, 2023
  • 2 min read

Is it possible to get a new VIN number for a vehicle? First of all, you have to understand that VIN numbers are only issued by the DMV. A person can’t make up a VIN number, and a company can’t make up a VIN number. They’re issued by government agencies. The VIN number also corresponds with the vehicle, the type, the year, the series of cars, and the history of that particular line.

Since 1980, VIN numbers have been very standardized; they’re 17 digits long and correspond to different manufacturers. Prior to that, it was a little less formal about what the VIN numbers were for, so the reasons that a VIN number is issued have to do with the DMV and a national standardized process for what that VIN number goes with.

So if you have a kid’s car, a vehicle whose VIN number has been damaged, or a composite vehicle, you may be able to have a VIN number issued. That is only done by the government agency of that state’s transportation department, the DMV. What do you have, depending on the state? You will need very specific documentation for why you need a new VIN number. They’re going to inspect the vehicle. They’re going to go through the documentation and make sure that all the components of that vehicle are acceptable.

First of all, individually and also as a group, make sure it’s safe for the road and that it does correspond to the need for a new VIN number. You can’t just magically make up a VIN number for vehicles for a random reason. It has to be a very specific reason, either. It was a composite vehicle. The VIN number of that original vehicle was damaged or removed. And if that’s the case, you may need some other legal documentation. So if you enter the VIN number for the vehicle, make sure you have a good reason why prior to entering into that process with the DMV.

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