Car Titles Need To Be Clear For Exporting

  • April 13, 2023
  • 2 min read

Exporting vehicles is a hot topic for car titles because, when you export a vehicle, you assume that the country into which you are importing it will inspect it. But vehicles are different from a lot of other products being exported from the US. US Customs will inspect vehicles being exported because they’re trying to protect banks or dealerships from fraud.

Here’s what happens: Let’s say you have a vehicle that’s been purchased from a dealership, and they get you a car loan from a bank. You buy a $50,000 car, or you get a Carlo from Wells Fargo. A lot of times, what people will do is buy this car on somebody else’s credit. They’ll bring it to the poor and export it right away. And the bank can’t repo a car if it’s in Romania. So they check with the port at the US border to make sure there are no loans on the car, to make sure it’s not stolen, and to make sure it’s not restricted. Some types of vehicles are restricted from being sold in other markets.

So if you look in the export cars, it will pull up the army. It states that scams and schemes increase the number of enforcement points, indicating that there is a problem, and US Customs and Border Protection officers are in Los Angeles. They found nearly 60 cars. We’re shipping agents who are preparing the documents that were wrong. They’re looking for first-time payment defaults, which is one of the things that we just talked about—they recovered vehicles worth $1.9 million, so we’ll post this article at the bottom of this video. 

But if you’re looking to export a vehicle or you think that export is going to be the solution to a title problem, be aware that customs is going to look at your paperwork to make sure you either have a title or have a good reason for why it’s being exported. Sometimes this even applies to cars that have certificates of destruction, non-repairable titles, or salvage titles. So if you’re going to think about exporting, make sure you work with a good export broker that knows what documents are needed. So you don’t get stuck with a car. For the poor, they can’t get out of the country.

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